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July 18, 2017  

The New Principal Show! S1 E1: You’re the Principal. Now What?

July 18, 2017

You're a new principal.  Now what?  Episode one, season one of The New Principal Show! answers that and more.  Dr. Mark Wilson (  and @MarkWilsonGA) is your host and guide to this twelve-episode show to help new principals get off to a successful beginning.

In this episode, Mark is joined by Dr. Torian White, the Principal of Southeast Bulloch Middle School in Statesboro, GA and by Debra Murdock, the 2014 Georgia High School Principal of the Year (GASSP) and Leadership Director for Cherokee County Schools.

We discuss four big things that new principals need to know in order to get off to a good start:

1)  Be Yourself;

2)  Listen;

3)  Take Notes (Don't make too many fast changes);

4)  Learn why things are done as they're done (before you move the wrong furniture!) 

We were joined in this live professional learning event on Tuesday, July 18 by a number of participants, some who shared via chat, others who share their voice to this recording.  This is a recording of that meeting!  Hope that it will help you in your work!

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Here's the schedule:

The New Principal Show!
Online Episodes   8:00-9:00 PM 
  1.  Tuesday, July 18            Congratulations!  You’re A Principal.  Now What?!?  Four Things
  2.  Sunday, July 23             Let’s Get It Started:  Four Keys to Commence A Great Start
  3. Sunday, July 30              Communication.  Key to Your Success In Leading the School 
  4. Monday, August 28        Instructional Leadership:  The Principal’s Work in the Classroom
  5. Sunday, September 10   Making Connections:  Your Role as a Hu
  6. Sunday, October 1          Priorities, Balance, Time, and Getting Things Done
  7. Sunday, October 29        Reflection, Joy, Culture and Believing
  8. Sunday, November 26    Being Innovative and Supporting Innovation
  9. Monday, December 11    Parents, Community, and Branding 
  10. Sunday, January 21         Serving the Students Who Need You Most
  11. Sunday, March 4              What Happens Next Year?  Planning for Now Through Mid-September.   
  12. Sunday, April 22               Right? Wrong?  Not Sure?  How Has This Year Gone? 


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